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I wanted a laugh track to play and the credits to roll. I wanted to come back next week with a whole new mess to find our way out of.

At a party in Las Vegas, people said they didn't intend to visit Area 51.

But this was my real life, and I admit that I spent a week after that call feeling really sorry for myself, wishing for a mom from a different channel. She makes the normal beige world I move through sparkle with mischief, hijinx, magic. This must be your daughter! Still, instead of heading for the doors, I chose to stay. It was the pep talk that shot me right out of my body and into a kind of dissociative state wherein I watched myself from above, grinding on a yoga mat just feet away from my own human mother.

Look at that ass. So gorgeous!

The small towns around Area 51 were really worried about the raid.

Oh, Trisha is so sexy, you guys! At this point, my fight-or-flight response kicked in and I was about to make a break for it, but then I peered at my mother, perched on the foam roller that Kimmie gave her for her arthritic knees, irreverent and so totally self-possessed. She was swinging her hair, eyes closed, completely buying into the experience.

Maybe I am just being a cynical weirdo prude , I thought, deciding to unclench my teeth and attempt to go with it.

I silently asked god to beam me up, because I was ready for heaven, hell, or oblivion. When god did not respond, I obeyed Kimmie. You are the FE-male gaze gallery.

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My mother volunteered to go first of course and she sat in the chair while Kimmie demonstrated the various modes of grinding we would do. A compact disk containing 10 songs; a book of poems. What are the process steps for registering a claim in eCO? Registering a claim to copyright via eCO involves three steps in the following order:. Keep in mind that payment is required before the system will prompt you to upload copies of your work s as an electronic file or print out a shipping slip if you intend to submit a hard copy of your work.

What works may be registered with electronic deposits? The following classes of works may be registered in eCO with electronic deposit copies :. All other classes of works may be registered via eCO application and fee payment but require hard copies of the work s being registered. Can I register multiple works with the same application? The Office offers several options for registering multiple works with the same application, including:. Which browsers does eCO support?

Firefox 2. Other browsers such as Opera and Konqueror may work with the eCO system. Do I need to configure my browser before using eCO?

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Can I check the status of a claim registered via eCO? Login to eCO and click on the blue case number associated with your claim in the Open Cases table at the bottom of the Welcome screen to view the Case Summary associated with the claim. I have duplicate information to submit for several claims. Is there a way I can keep from entering this data multiple times? When you register a New Claim you can elect to save it as a Template.

'I asked God to remember all I have done for Him' - Kadaga

This is a very useful tool when you have duplicate information to enter for several claims. Click on it and follow the screen prompts. How do I upload an electronic copy of my work in eCO? And then you celebrate. It took two years to get my green card, otherwise known as U. The reality is, U.

You have almost no rights and the questioning can be brutally invasive — as I, too, have experienced, along with the stare-downs and silent psychological warfare they use to mentally shake you down.

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I was curious what they knew about me. With my green card in one hand and empowered by my newfound sense of immigration security, I filed a Freedom of Information request with U.

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Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain all of the files the government had collected on me in order to process my application. Seven years of photos taken at the U.

All I Have All I Have
All I Have All I Have
All I Have All I Have
All I Have All I Have
All I Have All I Have

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